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Bet all in red

This is an absolutely must have! The new Red Double Knotted Bracelet by Decenarios Cool is on fire. A boho chic, hipster style handmade bracelet, with a visible red thick nylon cord, and with fine gold plated accents.


Red Double Knotted Bracelet

I saw a male customer very proud, wearing it combined with an expensive Omega watch. Ladies wear it combined with other boho chic bracelets from our new collections. And a must to combine with the new men collection that is coming very soon!

One size fits all, is very easy to wear, because adjust to the wrist. The intense red color can also bring light to your outfit. Perfect accessory while wearing your bikini at the beach, and on your tanned skin. Awesome to wear at work and the long day, while go to clubs in the night. Very Miami style.





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