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Post Valentine's Day

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. We had fun, and facing this long weekend in the United States, it is great. We will have extra time to re-adapt the site. Our main banner with this beautiful lady will be removed, and updated with some of the new fresh content produced.

Good news: There are some very cool new arrivals, hope you love! Handmade new bracelets will be visible very soon in the website, available for order online. There are a couple of new designs for our men like trendy silver bracelets, or an incredible nylon knotted bracelet that looks like metal.

Our Venezuela bracelets are also hot, lot of things happened in that beautiful country. and our best wishes. Remember, only one of our belts letf! Only $24.99 and free shiping in the US. Easy to wear, to look like a diva.

Best regards!


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