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Wholesale orders

We receive several messages related to wholesale orders. They are very welcome, and we appreciate a lot your business. Very happy to prepare great products especially for your clients.

In these cases, it would be great if you kindly contact us. Remember that most of our catalog are handmade products, and prices will be reduced but vary depending of the quantities. Also free shipping could be offer, same as for regular orders.

Discounts could be from 25% up to 40%, based in the amount of product ordered, and price of your order. Please contact us, and we will negotiate the best deal we can offer for you and your final customers.

Our catalog offers a vary selection of designer bracelets, bracelet sets, necklaces, religious products, handmade jewelry, apparel, bags and fashion clutches. In the following days, we will add new arrivals products, giving a twits to classic boho products. We have bracelets for women, charm bracelets, products for men... Stay tuned, and remember, happy to get your wholesale orders right now!

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