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Decenario Bracelet v.2.0
Decenario Bracelet v.2.0
Decenario Bracelet v.2.0
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Decenario Bracelet v.2.0

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Decenario bracelet with semi precious stone cross. Based in the original design, but with a new spin accentuated by a cross made out of semi precious stones. Hand made, with rosary 10 knots and a cross. One size, easy to adjust. Easy to use, can be combined some bracelets together even with the classic Decenarios.

Available colors cords:

Red | Blue | Orange | White | Bright Green | Bright Yellow | Bright Pink | Purple | Turquoise | Black

Available colors for the cross:

Bright Pink | Black | Blue | Turquoise | Red | Apple Green | Ivory | Orange | Purple | Yellow


Designer Message:

Decenarios are satin and nylon bracelets composed by ten knots that can be used as a rosaries. Since these Bracelets are adjustable, one size fits all.

In Spanish custom, they are given to celebrate births, first Communions and religious wedding. Nowadays they have become really popular and a must have accessory. They are said to bring good luck and each color has a meaning. they are a great accessory to wear in when you are out and about and even to the pool and beach. Decenarios Cool also makes anklets versions of the bracelet and they look really great! Contact us if you are interested!

I have added my own twist to the Decenario by kicking it up and adding premium quality materials such as precious stones used in the crosses. These Decenarios are considered the Luxury Version of the traditional Decenario.

Adriana S.


Each color has a different meaning:

Red: Represents passion, to love. Also said to improve your self esteem. Confidence, courage, vitality.
Blue: Represents harmony, loyalty, friendship, youth, spirituality, truth.
Green: Attracts prosperity,hope and gives you balance. Life, nature, fertility, well being.
Yellow: Is said to increase your creativity. Wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy.
Pink: Beauty, love, sweetness and genuine.
Orange: Attracts happiness. Vitality with endurance
White: Innocent, peace, purity, Cleanliness and harmony.
Black: Serenity,stability.
Purple: Self-control, dignity, calm, royalty, magic, mystery.
Grey: Knowledge, security, maturity.
Gold: Wealth, prosperity, wisdom.
Brown: Earth, order, convention.


 Handmade with best nylon cord and stone colored crosses. A twist of the original decenario bracelet popular few years ago. Great unisex gift for kids and also adults. Trendy handcrafted macrame bracelet, easy to wear and combine with more of our bracelets and handmade jewelry pieces. At reduced price, includes free domestic shipping in the US.